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December 18th 2020 is International Migrants day. Panaf, launches a crowdfunding campaign to open 2 new sites in Senegal and France in order to train migrants, repats & youth from popular districts to cooking & entrepreneurship.

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Abidjan December 9, 2020 (Update)

Panaf is a Pan-African culinary third place with a social & environmental impact. Based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Panaf provides a free culinary training and a professional, social and economic reintegration to migrants that have abandoned their migrations project. Over the past few weeks, 480 migrants died off the coast of Senegal. In France, several migrants camps have been dismantled. Panaf would like to develop its impact with the opening of 2 brand new sites, one in Senegal and one in France in 2021.

Practical information --- Leetchi campaign Deadline December 31, 2020

Link to the Leetchi campaign website:

In 2021, Panaf wishes to train over 100 recipients thanks to the public support. “We are Panaf” crowdfunding campaign major goals:

· Goal #1 = 30 000€: Panaf opening in Senegal in 2021 (S1) in order to train 30 recipients in cooking & entrepreneurship. Why opening in Senegal ? Over the past few weeks, 480 migrants died off the Senegalese coasts, fleeing economic (due to fishing & tourism activities) & health (Covid-19) crisis. There is a real increase in illegal migrations in Africa.

· Goal #2 = 50 000€: Training of 50 recipients in Panaf Abidjan in 2021

· Goal #3 = 100 000€: Panaf Opening in France (Paris or surroundings area) in order to train 50 recipients to cooking & entrepreneurship & to assist them drawing up a professional project back to Africa. Our target audience? Migrants, women, repats (African descents going back to Africa), youth from popular districts and any people who have a "back to Africa" project

An inclusive Pan-African concept against illegal migrations

According the International Organization form Migrations, the number of migrants dying on West African roads, increases significantly. Recent Migrants camps dismantlements in France also illustrate the extent of migration. In light of this situation, Karmelle BIYOT, Panaf founder and Chef Loïc Dablé, co-owner of Migrations Restaurant that is located inside Panaf, have developed over the almost past 2 years concrete solutions against illegal migrations. Inside Migrations restaurant, former migrants, youth & women are trained for free to cooking, pastry bakery and services, in order to be reintegrated. Panaf offers a Pan-African committed and social cuisine. Panaf aims at dissuading a large audience in Africa from leaving illegally and assisting in France migrants, repats, and youth from popular district in drawing up a project in Africa through a job creation or entrepreneurship.

A free professional training to encourage employment & entrepreneurship

In Abidjan, Panaf provides a 6 months free and remunerated training to cooking, pastry, bakery and services. Upon completion of training, recipients are hired by Panaf or integrated professionally in hotels, restaurants, pastry or a distribution company. Other recipients are also assisted in their business creation project. Mobilizing public support, international organizations and corporate social responsibility, Panaf intends now to scale up this unique training offer in Senegal and in France.

A bold crowdfunding campaign for a trendy cuisine

Cuisines from Africa and its diaspora are favored worldwide. The emergence of new restaurants, concepts, chefs & key players, in Ivory Coast, in Africa, in France and worldwide, bears witness to this effervescence. The rise of Pan-African cuisines, depends on the professionalization of the stakeholders in this sector. Bringing together social innovation, inclusion and Pan-African flavors, Panaf hopes through this bold crowdfunding campaign, that lives up to the magnitude of Migrations challenge, to raise 100 000€ for developing its impact.

About Panaf

Launched in April 2019 & based in Côte d'Ivoire, Panaf is a 1 200 m2 Pan-African culinary third place that is entirely dedicated to all foods from Africa & its diaspora. Panaf is also an alternative venue promoting an ecological, environmental, cultural & social impact and including a restaurant, a catering, a bakery, pastry, a coffee shop, a lounge, a food store, a coffice, a cooking school, a culinary museum & an urban garden. Panaf is thus a special place for meetings, exchanging, sharing experiences and social melting. Panaf encourages creativity, knowledge, transmission surrounding cuisines from Africa and its diaspora. Through its activities, Panaf offers a long term solution against unemployment and illegal migrations in Africa and worldwide, with a strong social impact through vocational culinary training, entrepreneurship & sustainable development




Link to the Leetchi campaign website:


Press Release Panaf Crowdfunding
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